Constance Worth (26 year old Jocelyn Howarth from Sydney) in Wages of Sin (1938). From the author’s collection. 

This site is dedicated to some of the undocumented Australian actors – who travelled to work overseas, particularly before World War II.

Of great interest to this writer is the extent to which these actors identified as Australians. Today, at a time of heightened national consciousness, it perhaps suits our purpose to think they did – and that they were all brilliant actors as well. However, the reality is complex and the answer seems far from clear.

If you would like to comment or think something needs correcting, feel free to do so via the comments option. This site is a work in progress, so where new information becomes available, entries will be updated.

So far… here they are, in (known) order of birth…



And some other actors well-remembered (offsite)


Nick Murphy
June 2019