The photo above shows 18 year old Melbourne-born Mary Maguire with Basil Rathbone and Jane Bryan on a break during the making of “Confession” in 1937. I’m working on her story this year. The photographer is unknown. From the author’s collection.

This site is dedicated to some of the Australian actresses – and actors – who should be remembered, but are not. I became interested in these lost Australians because my mother in law was a school friend of Mary Maguire’s in Melbourne in the 1930s. In the late 1970s she asked me to find out what had happened to her. Unfortunately, by the time I found out, my mother in law had passed away, and Mary Maguire was long since dead.

I’ve often used the word actress in these accounts. The reader will appreciate that original sources have coloured this choice.

So far, short biographies are provided for



Nick Murphy

July 2018