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The intention of this site is to promote and document research into early Australian actresses and actors, with a special emphasis on those who determined to “try their luck” overseas before 1939 – and whose stories have therefore often been lost. It is a work in progress and is continually updated. It has been developed for the purposes of study, review and information.

Part of the intention of this site is also to correct the many errors that abound in the freely editable encyclopedic websites, and to sketch out the often overlooked formative years spent in Australia. If you would like to comment or think something needs correcting here, feel free to do so via the comments option.

Above: Errol Flynn – a very fanciful life story in Film Star Who’s Who on the Screen 1939, Amalgamated Press, London, January 1939.

1. Rights

forgottenaustralianactresses only claims copyright in relation to original content and the site format. All other material is copyright to the original holders of copyright. Some of the material found here has previously been published, and it is re-published here for the fair use purposes of education, review, information and study. If you have a concern in relation to such usage, please use the option to contact us – see below.

Several short audio clips are used on this site. These are used where no reasonable alternative can found, to illustrate, review and critique relevant Australian accents of the era. Where copyright for these still exists, it is held by the owner. If you have a concern in relation to the usage of these audio clips, please use the option to contact us – see below.

2. Contact

Nick Murphy taught Film and Media Studies, Australian and Modern History in secondary schools for thirty years, worked in a Museum and in educational settings in China, and tutored teacher trainees at a university in Melbourne, Australia.

His own outing in film was a tiny role as “Principal Stevens” in the Australian esafety office film Tagged. You can watch it here.

3. Favourites?

The author has a soft spot for Daphne Pollard, Leah Leichner and Shirley Ann Richards.

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